File Preperation Questions

What file formats do you require? How do I set up my files correctly?

We preffer a 1-up, press-ready PDF file with crop marks and bleed. Please see the "Preparing PDF Files" section of this web page for information about creating press-ready PDFs. However, we  also accept the following file formats: EPS,  PSD, JPG. TIF and ZIP.



What is bleed?

If any element on your document layout makes contact with the document border you will have to use bleed. The trick is to place the element so that it goes over the border where the document will be cropped after printing.

The term bleed is used for all objects overlapping the border of your document.


Do I have to draw crop marks manually?

No. Most desktop publishing programs can create crop marks automatically when you export your file into a PDF format. In this case, you have to make sure that the trim size is the same as your document size. For example, if the final trimmed size of your business card is 3.5" x 2" then your document size must be the same. If your program cannot create crop marks, don't worry about it - we can still work with your files.


Do I have to impose my artwork myself?

No. All files are imposed automatically by our workflow. If you submit the imposed file yourself, chances are that we will have to break it apart and re-impose it.


What resolution should I use for the images in my artwork?

We recommend that all images be saved at 300 dpi. For large format images (18x24 and higher), we will accept 200 DPI. While we are able to print files at any DPI, we cannot guarantee quality if files are submitted below optimal DPI range.


Can you edit my artwork for me?

If you provide us with editable artwork (linked or embedded images, with all fonts used) then we can typically make edits to your existing artwork. Our design and editing services are $55 an hour billed in 15-minute increments.